Meet LRC!

A Southern city girl from Mobile, AL., and author of "Beautiful Me: 21 Days to Embracing Your Beauty Within," LaKeisha Rainey-Collins has a heart that desires to see all women loving themselves and embracing their unique individuality. Growing up without the presence of her father, LaKeisha became a victim of molestation and, as a result, struggled greatly in her teen years and well into her adulthood, with low self-esteem, depression, sexual addictions, and rejection. She understands what it's like to feel unimportant, invisible, and unwanted. Rainey-Collins also knows the heaviness of feeling un-pretty in a world where looks seem to mean everything.

LaKeisha spent many years drowning in the pit of depression, desiring to end her life, because she could not see how she mattered to God when life had dealt her such a recurring hand of hurt, pain, and disappointment. She wondered how there  could possibly be anything beautiful about her or her life when she felt like total wreckage.

Although Rainey-Collins grew up in the church, she didn't have a genuine relationship with God. It wasn't until around 2010 that LaKeisha truly surrendered her life to the Lord and allowed the Holy Spirit to transform her completely.

It was not an easy turnaround and it certainly didn't happen overnight, but LaKeisha committed to the process, did the work, and allowed Romans 12:2 to rule her life by being transformed by the renewing of her mind. It was during that metamorphosis that she began to discover her identity, worth, and beauty in God.

As destiny would have it, in 2011-2013 Rainey-Collins served as the inspirational columnist for the #1 online magazine for women of faith & color, EEW (Empowering Everyday Women), where God used her gift of writing to inspire women in the very area where she once struggled -- self-esteem. She has also contributed her inspiration to Hope For Women Magazine and several online publications.

"God gave me beauty for my ashes - and He continues to do so - and I desire to see all women experience the same," says LaKeisha. “He has no respect of persons, and if He could love me, heal me, clean me up, deliver me, and use me for His glory despite the ugliness of my past, He can and will do it for anyone who is willing to allow Him to be Lord of their life," she speaks about her life and passion.

Named as one of Hope for Women Magazine's 2014 25 Women Who Inspire, Rainey-Collins believes she is mandated by Isaiah 61:1-3, from which, the ministry of Beautiful Me was birthed. LaKeisha offers several avenues where women and girls can receive hope and inspiration in the form of women's conferences, empowerment events, and mentorship.

She makes it her daily mission, aside from being a wife to her husband Jeremy and a mother to their four children (Joseph, Jaxon, Jorden, & Jasper), to share the hope of new life and restoration in Christ Jesus with every woman she encounters, whether face-to-face, through blogging, books, speaking, or her social media outlets.

LaKeisha speaks with sincere conviction, "I will use every gift and every avenue available to me in order to empower my sisters with the message of Christ so that they will know how loved, how valued, and how beautiful they truly are.

Watch this video clip of LaKeisha ministering a message entitled, "Reclaiming My Crown."