About Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is a Christian community founded by LaKeisha Rainey-Collins in 2013. We are a ministry designed to help women discover wholeness, healing, and healthy self-esteem through Jesus Christ.

We are a resource where messages of hope, love, redemption, and grace are shared as a means of encouraging women from all backgrounds to believe that despite the roughness, ugliness, and harshness of life, there's still a God-infused beauty within them just waiting to be unveiled.

Beautiful Me is a safe space where women can share, ask questions, learn, be inspired, and grow together. The focus is to gain confidence in who God created us to be, despite our looks, our body type, our scars, our past, or our experiences. We are beautiful to and in God, and together we will walk boldly in this truth.

Our mission is to encourage women to discover their true identity, value, and beauty in Christ Jesus; to empower women to be what God created them to be; to extend love and support to women all across the world; and to exemplify true sisterhood in Christ.

In a nutshell, Beautiful Me was created to inspire broken-winged butterflies to fly.